website monetization modeling
Every new internet website that aims to make money faces the same problem - how to make the project profitable.

  • 10 steps in how to build a digital marketing strategy 28 FEB 2017

    Draw clear goals. Ask yourself: what are the goals of your project? It could be raising the KPI's of your business or bringing increased traffic to your website. You should have clearly defined vision of what is your final destination. Define your target audience. You should think about your audience, about their interests, to try to imagine where are they surfing the web, how they are behaving on social media, and what is driving them. Usually the most trustworthy channel is recommendation, whatever its search engine relevancy.

  • How to Effectively Promote Your Content on Facebook 10 MAR 2015

    You have just written what may be your best blog post ever. You are certain this article is going to get a ton of shares -- that people will be talking about it for weeks (maybe years) to come. How do you kickstart the promotion? It's a tough truth to grasp, but the social media job doesn't end when you publish a post. In many ways, that's when the real work BEGINS.

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